Jul 152013

There is now a Miche App for your iPad.   It was just introduced at Miche’s MPower event this last week.  Here’s the link:


Welcome to the first official Miche app where Miche Representatives can help customers virtually create their own unique handbag looks by choosing a Base Bag and exterior Shells, then adding handles, hardware and accessories. Voilà! They can preview their custom styles before they purchase through a Representative. Miche customers are also encouraged to download this app and “play” with our amazing products—which look is perfect for YOU?

Miche is a unique interchangeable handbag/accessories company that gives women a convenient and affordable way to look stylish while also empowering Independent Miche Representatives to run their own businesses and find success on their own terms both with personal Party sales and in building teams.

Wear it. Change it. Love it.
Have fun!”

Cost is $1.99 for the app.  Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 6.0 or later.

Update from Miche:  They plan on making tablet and phone versions at some point, but not immediately as they are still working on perfecting this one.

I just downloaded the app to my iPad mini and starting playing with it.  The app is pretty user friendly.  It is really nice to be able to pick out a Base Bag, a Shell, Handles, and Hardware and have the app put them together for me to see rather than having to visualize them.  Now you have a picture of the end result, and you can even e-mail it to yourself or someone else (like me if you have questions about the look etc.).   Another feature is that it will show you the prices and the total of all of the items if you are planning to purchase them.   (NOTE:  At this time, the app is not showing the bundle pricing .. just individual pricing.   When you come to my Miche website to place your order, bundle pricing will show if your purchases qualify.)

The Miche Catalogues and the Miche Companion Brochures are featured in the app also.   What a great way to view them.   Here’s how you access the catalogues, once you have downloaded the app:

  • From the Main Page of the app, click “About”
  • At the bottom of the screen, click on “catalogues”
  • On the next screen, choose the catalog you would like to view by clicking on the photo of it.
  • For viewing the catalog, it will scroll downward.

The brand new Fall 2013 Catalog is available on the app.   It includes all of our new releases PLUS the complete Miche Jewelry line too.

I really think you will like this app.   If you would like to purchase it, you need to purchase it through the link above.  It is NOT available for purchase through our Miche websites nor do I receive any commission etc on the sale of this app.


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